The “K.I.S.S.” Principle – Only Nicer!

Posted in Blog Writing, Proper Communication in Business on Oct 29, 2015

Written for Canadian Small Business Women Blog Sept 2015

Keep it short and simple. Being in the business of communication, I often suggest my clients keep their message short. Use tight, clear and effective language that promotes their business concisely. The way I tell it, the “K.I.S.S.” principle takes on a slightly revised, definitely more polite, meaning. The guiding principle when describing your product or service must be “Keep it Short and Simple.”

I’m sometimes guilty of not adhering to my own rules and have certainly posted a blog or two that was just a bit too long. (OK, maybe even a 100 words too long…I love to talk!) For my clients however, I know how imperative it is to keep the chit- chat down to a minimum. So, whether you employ a third party or do the work yourself – this revised K.I.S.S. principle should be paramount. What this means however is that you MUST pay particular and close attention to the use of every single word chosen. Choose the BEST word for the job. You don’t need to use plenty of words to say plenty. You just need to be choosy. Remember also you should choose words that are dictionary friendly and not necessarily those you think are part of the “common” vernacular. Your opinion of “common” may reflect regional or cultural choices that aren’t actually understood by many in your intended audience.

How do you do this? Employ the services of a thesaurus if you need assistance. Consider what your business is really all about and then think about how you could distill that essence down to just ten simple words. Yes, ten. It’s the best way to truly drill down to your core business service and then build your sentence or promotional message around those ten words. We’ve said it before, here it is again: say only what matters because it matters what you say. Keep it short, snappy and simple.

If you’re thinking “No way can I get my message across in only ten words,” try first eliminating superlatives. Often they are used excessively. Next, ask yourself these questions: “What do I do, Who do I do it for and Why do I do it?” That should help you achieve some clarity and once you do, you can easily condense even further. Apply these principles to create your own K.I.S.S. message: Clear, concise and condensed, choosing only the best words for the job. Keep it short and simple. It’s “K.I.S.S. – refined!

Written By: Sheralyn Roman