"At a loss for words, I can help you find them!"

We offer a wide array of writing services including

  • blog writing
  • editorial
  • web content
  • ghost writing
  • copy editing
  • advertorials
  • profiles
  • investigative reporting
  • course design and delivery
  • presentations
  • communications
  • editorial services
  • fact based articles

“We have used the services of Sheralyn Roman of Writing Right For You for both our website blog as well as radio ads.  She definitely listens to her clients wishes and delivers outstanding results.  We were so impressed with the amount of research she did on topics relating to the real estate world for our website blog.  She has a very creative writing style that delivers content and information in an engaging way.  We were completely blown away with the radio ad campaign she has created for us.  It was not a simple task to deliver specific content in a very tight time frame but Sheralyn was able to exceed our expectations.  We highly recommend Sheralyn Roman of Writing Right For You.”

Sheila Mullin SRS®

Sales Representative & Seller Representative Specialist

Blog Writing

Writing Right For You offers “Blogging for Business” services for people who are just too busy to engage their social media followers through a regular blog. We all know blogging is necessary but who has the time? If you do find time, what do you talk about? At Writing Right we like to acknowledge that when it comes to your business, you are THE subject matter expert but blogging about it might not be your expertise. That’s where we come in. At Writing Right For You we specialize in helping business succeed through effective use of language. Choosing the right words for the promotion of your business is OUR business! Blogging as a communications method helps drive customers to your website and keeps you top of mind. We’ll help you establish a realistic blog schedule, work together with you to highlight topics relevant to your client base and then write the content for you using key words that guarantee search engine optimization. If you’re at a loss for words, let us help you find them! Blogging for your business success – start today!



Web Content

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that the web is integral to your business success. Having a great website that’s easy to navigate, is appealing visually and which provides clear links to all your services is an absolute necessity. Many businesses invest thousands of dollars on a great graphic design but forget the age old principle that “Content is KING.” Having great content is critical to your website success. Content must not only clearly convey your message, it must be grammatically correct and error free. Study after study has shown that on average, 70% of visitors to your site will notice spelling and/or grammatical errors and to these same visitors this shows “an obvious lack of care.” Don’t turn away potential customers because of spelling errors or grammatical goofs. Hire an expert to help you make a great first impression! Writing Right will interview you to understand your business and more importantly, to help ascertain what makes you unique. We tell our clients constantly, what matters to us is what matters to you. Your website needs to reflect your voice and your values, we just help provide a fantastic framework to showcase them using the very best words possible! Contact Writing Right For You to learn how we can make your website stand out using words that work!



Copy editing and editorial services

An Editor, by definition, helps in the process of selecting and preparing various materials used to convey information. A Copy Editor corrects spelling and grammar and helps to align writing style with an overall vision. In the case of business, this might mean ensuring your content reflects your business values and that you are consistent in your messaging throughout all business communications methods including; website, other social media, use of promotional materials, advertising and when blogging. Editorial services involve ensuring a strict adherence to accuracy and assists business with the occasionally difficult task of ensuring a message is in good taste and is perceived as fair and equitable across a diverse and multicultural audience. Editing can be an arduous and time-consuming task you just might not have room for in your busy schedule. If you’ve done the initial draft but now it’s time for a “polish” contact Writing Right For You to enquire about our editorial packages. We have experience editing website content, promotional materials, books for publications, manuscripts, presentations and sales seminars. Because we bill all services by the hour you are provided with an accurate and guaranteed estimate of your total cost before you ever pay a penny. Contact us today to discuss all your editorial needs.


Course design and delivery

With an extensive and varied corporate background in Human Resources and Training and Development, Writing Right For You designs course material that both engages your audience and supports their learning opportunities. Seminars on Workplace Diversity, Team Building and Leadership, Effective Communications – each are topics we have designed and delivered to corporate clients. As a former Instructor at Sheridan and Humber College, Sheralyn Roman brings her considerable classroom teaching expertise into every program she creates. Writing Right For You designs workshops on a wide variety of topics and can tailor the programs for delivery by you or by Writing Right For You.


Presentations on Communications

At Writing Right For You we get excited about the written word! We also love to talk. Just as a bridge closes the gap between two geographical points, so does communication close the gap between two viewpoints. Effective communication builds a bridge between two people or two ideas, between nations and religions or more specifically for our purposes: between your business and your customers or between you and your employees. If you have a team that you feel could benefit from enhanced communications strategies, contact Writing Right For You for our unique seminar “Building Bridges, Communications Tools for Business Success.” This seminar is also ideal for small business entrepreneurs looking for tips and strategies on how best to communicate with their audience.